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  Ditch the workout, Join the PARTY!!!
- I have to tell you again what an amazing instructor you are!!! Again, I have been
  taking Zumba for many years, and you are by far the most fantastic instructor
  I am so glad that you are teaching at The Fitness Rave, we are so lucky to
  have you!! So hoping you will teach more class at TFR!!
  Thanks so much for making it a party!!  I am hoping to have as much success
  as you in my weight loss journey!!
  Kim R.
Baltimore Zumba
- I took my very first zumba class last sunday at the overlea. John made me feel
  at ease and I had a great time, I'm officially hooked!
  Rebecca B.
- Thank you John, it was a great workout, I really enjoyed it.
- Zumba was amazing! What an awesome way to exercise! We loved it thanks
  Juan your class is the best! I know alot of my friends can not wait to go next
- I had a great time in Zumba today, as always great job and see you next week.
  Tracy A.
- Thank you for the workout, this is my first time doing Zumba and it was a great experience.
- Juan, I wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my goal. I have lost 16 lbs in the past 3 months thanks to your amazing zumba classes and
  advice. Let's just say my doctor is very happy with my improvement. My friends also love your class. Thank you again for your expertise, your
  moves and your ability to change people's lives.
- Juan, thank you for an amazing zumba session. Your class was great and easy to follow. Your style is very unique and very motivating. Thank
  you again for helping me feel better physically and mentally.
- Saturday Zumba with Juan @ The Fitness Rave is the hottest Zumba class in Baltimore and Hartford counties you can't experience the
  excitement if you don't get to the fitness rave and take Zumba with Juan.
  Lydia H.
- Thank you Juan for the class last Saturday, I was able to get a great workout and it was a lot of fun. You are very easy to follow and that makes
  the class really effective. See you soon.
  Ann D.
- Zumba at the Bel Air Armory was great. Juan is the most amazing instructor. He is very motivational and very good with his style of dancing.
  Vicky S.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you in classes. COME TO HAVE FUN, COME TO MAKE FRIENDS, COME TO SMILE and LAUGH!

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