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  Ditch the workout, Join the PARTY!!!

Q: What can I expect my first time if I have never been to a class?

A: To smile the entire time! To experience music from Latin American and all over the world including Salsa, Merengue, Belly dancing, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Bachata, and even Flamenco. Forget that you are working out and let your hair down, feel energized, interact with other ladies, and have fun moving to the music.

Q: What kind of workout should I expect?

A: ZUMBA® Fitness is a high/low impact cardiovascular fitness class so be prepared to sweat, learn new moves and have fun! You should move at your OWN pace, as the class will last 45 minutes. It is intended to be a party-like atmosphere, so unlike a regular fitness class, there is little to no verbal cueing, so be sure to watch your instructor carefully. You will begin with a 5 minute warm up to get your body ready for the workout and then spend the next 35 minutes moving your body and toning to exciting and fun music selections. Lastly, you will cool down and stretch for the last 5 minutes of class.

Q: Do I need to know how to dance?

A: NO! This is not a dance class…it’s a dance-based aerobic fitness class! You do not need any previous dance experience. If you love music, this is the class for you! All you need is a fun attitude. The basics are taught to you. The moves are simple and easy to pick up, especially if you come to class regularly. The routines are repeated week after week with additions every now and then to spice things up even more!
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Q: What are the benefits of a ZUMBA® class?

It is fun, and burns approximately 500-1000 calories per hour and it is a great cardiovascular exercise with moderate impact. The music is programmed to go from medium paced to very fast, then back down again making it easy to keep up. A ZUMBA® class also engages your core (torso) muscles more than some other exercises do, thanks to A LOT of waist and hip movement.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in (workout clothes). Because you will be twisting, pivoting, and sliding the best shoes for a ZUMBA® class are supportive cross trainer with not much rubber at the bottom, dance sneakers or aerobic dance shoes. Ideally something without deep treads that grip the floor too much to prevent the risk of knee injuries.

Because there is a lot of side-to-side movement in a Zumba® fitness class, you should consider buying a shoe that is a "trainer" rather than "running" because cross-trainers offer lateral support.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Lots of water! Remember to stay hydrated before, during and after class. A towel…You will be sweating! A friend…Get friends to come with you to ZUMBA® class, this just makes the experience more fun and gives you the extra boost to stay motivated and fulfill your fitness goals!

Q: Do I Have to Know the Steps Ahead of Time?

A: Absolutely not! Zumba® Fitness promotes a dance party-like atmosphere, where you can just walk into a class and pick up the routine that the instructor leads with easy-to-follow verbal and/or non-verbal cues, without knowing the choreography beforehand. Even a 'regular' is not quite sure what songs/routines to expect, as song choices constantly change to prevent boredom/physical stagnation and promote spontaneity

Q: I have a medical condition. Is Zumba® safe for me?

A: Zumba® is an intensive aerobic program that promotes health and fitness. However, before beginning this or any other exercise program, you should consult your physician.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you in classes. COME TO HAVE FUN, COME TO MAKE FRIENDS, COME TO SMILE and LAUGH!

Anyone Can Do It!

Join the millions of other people world-wide who have changed their lives for the better.
  • No Prerequisites
  • No Experience Necessary
  • No Dance Experience Required
  • Coordination & Motor Skills “Not Required”

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